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Student Business Incubator

student business incubator

Combining innovation with business skills

The goal of the Student Business Incubator (SBI) is to combine the experience of highly innovative engineering students with the knowledge of process driven business students, highly qualified business mentors, and venture capital to create outstanding revenue producing businesses. The incubator is comprised of physical space for venture housing, business advisor services for mentoring successful entrepreneurs and a unique Lean Launchpad curriculum which drives action and accountability.

Assisting student in creating businesses

The new Student Business Incubator assists students in creating new business ventures, generating economic growth, and initiating new jobs in the marketplace. The facility consists of a 2,400 square foot office space that includes work spaces for students, conference facilities, office equipment, telecommunication devices, as well as access to a network of extremely competent volunteer mentors to assist students in creating successful new businesses. Students engage in peer-to-peer mentoring at the facility as interdisciplinary teams form organically with a goal of new venture creation. 

Education and advising services leading to success

It is not the physical attributes of the SBI that helps students maximize their entrepreneurial success but the education and advising services offered through the SBI that makes this initiative so successful. The Student Business Incubator has incorporated the Lean Launchpad approach to entrepreneurial education at the center. This approach not only provides the theory behind what drives entrepreneurial success but also forces students to actually go directly to the market in order to gather information and build the ventures.

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