Our Vision, Values & Mission

Empowering future entrepreneurial leaders
to manage innovation and change. 


Excellence in Educating Future Entrepreneurial Leaders.

Core Values

college of business ideal brad

To create value and manage change in the 21st century

To value individual contributions and respect cultural and social differences in a global environment

To make thoughtful decisions, set high standards and be accountable to stakeholders and society as a whole

To promote critical thinking, effective collaboration and foster creativity in solving complex problems


The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business is an integral academic unit of Florida Institute of Technology. The college provides well-rounded, high quality educational experiences to prepare graduates for a variety of careers in the global business environment.

In support of all undergraduate and graduate programs, the college:

  • provides foundational knowledge in all areas of business and exposes students to ethical decision-making and leadership challenges
  • continuously improves curricula, being responsive to a rapidly changing global workforce
  • furthers intellectual growth opportunities for both faculty and students
  • serves society through quality educational offerings that target the needs of working professionals and traditional college students, encouraging a culturally diverse student experience; and 
  • builds effective partnerships with university stakeholders to further program excellence and lifelong learning