Leadership and Social Responsibility

Learning Leadership and Social Responsibility
at Florida Tech

learning leadership

The leadership and social responsibility specialization is designed for students who are interested in learning leadership and developing their leadership skills in order to have impact and to promote socially responsible behavior and high ethical standards in organizations. At Florida Tech, we believe that leadership skills are invaluable, and can be developed by creating an environment where you will investigate, discover, and hone your own leadership style on real-world projects. You will also learn how to enhance and disseminate world-class leadership strategies that impact the values of company stakeholders, its employees, customers, and community, and to prioritize and integrate social responsibility throughout an organization. Learning Leadership at FIT will give students opportunities to work with international organizations and to create resume-worthy experiences that will set them apart from their peers. Students’ efforts to have an impact in their organizations and create socially responsible policies are enhanced by learning leadership skills aimed at having a bottom-line impact.

The “IDEAL” Advantage

Innovation, Diversity, Ethics, and Leadership (IDEAL)

Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Leaders to Manage Innovation and Change

At Florida Tech, faculty mentors provide hands-on experience in globalization as it relates to corporate social responsibility. You will use class projects and case studies to analyze policies, standards and practices while managing relations with key stakeholders. Learning leadership and social responsibility at Florida Tech prepares you to create innovative outcomes and customer value. You learn about corporate citizenship along with trends in social enterprise and philanthropy in a global environment and graduate prepared for advanced leadership roles.

"Leaders aren’t just born; they can be made through practice and experience. It is a privilege that demands accountability, but there is a certain sense of honor that comes from knowing you are directly responsible for both a company’s bottom line and its contribution to the world community."

- Dr. Keiron Hylton, Ph.D., Dr. Andrew Cudmore, Ph.D.