Message from the Dean

Theodore R. Richardson III, Ed.D.

Welcome to the Nathan Bisk
College of Business
at Florida Institute of Technology

I invite you to share our global vision of educating and empowering future entrepreneurial business leaders to manage innovation and change in the 21st century.

Our ultimate concern is the success of our students. To that end, all that we are—from our outstanding faculty to the content of our curricula—reflects our core values: Innovation, Diversity, Ethics and Leadership. These IDEAL tenets are the driving force behind everything we do to prepare our students for the business challenges of today and tomorrow.

At Florida Tech, we bring the business world into the classroom. Our students are challenged to think critically in solving complex business problems, collaborate effectively in global team environments and be innovative while exploring new opportunities. We foster the creation of responsible leaders by integrating ethics components throughout our programs. 

Cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit through real-world experience is another of our priorities. From office space to a wide network of business mentors, our student business incubator provides resources for students who want to launch a new venture. And we encourage all students to hone their leadership skills and showcase their ethical standards through participation in business case competitions and community service.

Whether you are a prospective student, alumnus, current partner or future friend, we invite you to connect with the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business and experience the wealth of opportunities we have to offer. Please call or email with your questions, comments and ideas. We’re ready and listening.


Theodore R. Richardson III, Ed.D.