Welcome to the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business at Florida Institute of Technology

The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business has a global vision to educate and empower students to become future business leaders to manage innovation and change in the 21st century.  Our core values: Innovation, Diversity, Ethics, and Leadership, have become drivers in challenging our students to make a difference.
We bring the business world into the classroom providing a wide range of educational opportunities that are relevant and timely in addressing today’s complex problems.  Students learn to think critically, work effectively in teams, and are encouraged to create and innovate to explore new opportunities in our rapidly changing, technology-driven world.
We are committed to supporting your educational goals through an array of degree programs offered on campus, online, or off-site.


Innovation, Diversity, Ethics, and Leadership (IDEAL)

Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Leaders to Manage Innovation and Change